Blue Whale

Blue Whale


Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Government of Argentina.

Project Type:

Public Buildings and Arts.

Scope of Project:

2,200 m².


B4FS arquitectos - Dario Tigalo, E. Bares, F. Bares, N. Bares, D. Becker, F. Schnack, C. Ferrari.


Structural engineering:

Marcelo Alcaraz, Jaime Lande, P. de Lavallaz and Hugo Yentel (Lyasa SA).




In 2006 a design contest was organized to upgrade the neoclassical and historic Post and Telegraph building and convert it into a cultural center. The concert hall is an independent structure inside the interior space of the building. Although the hall is named after the former President Néstor Kirchner, the building is commonly known as the "Ballena Azul" (the Blue Whale) because its exterior form resembles that large creature. The main concert hall has an area of 2,200 square meters, with space for 1,950 spectators in the stalls and balconies, while the smaller chamber music hall accommodates 540 visitors. The structure of the winning proposal  was designed using STRAP.

Buenos Aires