Strap Demos

Strap Running Demo


There are nine different STRAP  demos available. They are arranged in order of increasing complexity and specialization. The first demo - "Plane frame" - demonstrates basic geometry and load definition options common to all STRAP  models; the last demo - "Bridge loading & analysis" - demonstrates the definition of lanes on a complex arch bridge model, the definition of vehicle loads and the calculation of influence lines for various load types.

Click on any of the following to view the demo:


Plane frame demo
Floor slab demo
Space frame demo
Steel postprocessor  demo
Cold formed steel demo

Concrete postprocessor demo

Sway optimization demo
Bridge loading & analysis demo
Autostrap - Converting DXF into STRAP model

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If you have trouble downloading our demos, or want to further explore STRAP, contact your local STRAP dealer for a Demo CD.
The CD contains a fully functional version of STRAP, with all options and features available, limited to 30 days.