Student Download Page

STUDENTS STRAP 2017 - Trial Version

(Version 2017, updated: 14/06/2017)

The STRAP "Student version" may only be used for learning, teaching, training and research purposes that are related to the instructional functions at a qualified educational institution. This version may not be used for commercial or professional purposes.


  • Click the button above to start the download.  The file STUDENT.EXE is then copied to the selected download folder.
  • Click [Start], select [My Computer], browse to the download folder and double-click the STUDENT.EXE icon.  
  • Select  language



  • Select Install button:


  •  Select "Install STRAP limited to 30 days" (later you will get a 60 days licence)


  • Select your national design code
  • Specify a program folder and press [Install]
  • double-click the STRAP icon to run the program.  The main menu is displayed; select [Files] on the top menu bar and [New model].  Type in a title for your model. The program displays a computer numbers.
  •  return to the STRAP web site and select "Request Licence Number" ; enter the computer numbers (including the minus signs) and fill in the rest of the form